Netcurrencyindex | NCI30 | NCI100 | NCI500 | Cryptocurrencies Index Benchmark


The Netcurrencyindex with the  Crypto Index Family NCI30,NCI100 and NCI500 is  the Benchmark for the Crypto Industry and the entire Blockchain sector. Follow the trends and Discover the power of the Netcurrency  IndexProtocol Family and earn. 

We will soon launch the worlds First Crypto Index ETF Coin which will cover over 99% from all worldwide Cryptocurrencies and where you by frequently updating directly participate from all growing ICOs from all Blockchain sectors . In the past the underlayed Index has grown over 285%

By the Netcurrency IndexProtocol ETF you also participate from the new  Hybrid Crypto Exchange directly from the fees which you get paid by dividend in your coin and can use the coin for all kind of payments by their Quitbox payment System 
This is definately the best product on the Crypto Market ever .

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