Plus Token Super mobile online wallet

Plus Token Super mobile online wallet
Regional or Country Leader Wanted! New Global revolution mobile wallet to store your crypto currency. Mobile wallet for Android and iOS (Download with your mobile phone only).

Plus Token is an online mobile wallet to store your crypto currency with profit sharing concept.
Plus token wallet is like and online wallet. However our super wallet will let you earn interest (profit sharing concept). The AI- dogs arbitrage system, the exchange profit, mining income and referral benefits will share certain percentage with the users.

Referral number: 163662998 (require to fill)
What is Plus Token Wallet?
Plus token wallet allow users to store 8 major crypto coins: Pluscoin, Bitcoin, ethereum, bitcoin cash, Litecoin, XRP,, Doge coin and Dash coin. The wallet have 10 layers of crypto security protection.

The technical team of Plus token takes the user’s safety as the first thing and provides a safe and comfortable using environment for global users.

Private key: Every user will own an exclusive private key.
Decoding techniques of multi signature, safety password
Full time security team with full responsibility: The members are coming from South Korea block chain field.
App Download and Step by step installation:

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