MILLIODS is an eCommerce Blockchain Ecosystem that adopts Lien model of Business Transaction to enhance protection of Consumers' that rely on eCommerce to purchase goods.

Product: MILLIODS Ecosystem
Token Name: MID Token
Blockchain Technology: ERC20
Market: eCommerce
MID Tokens Available: 50,000,000
MID Tokens on Sale: 25,000,000
Soft Cap: USD 15,000,000.00
Hard Cap: USD 45,000,000.00
Value of MID Tokens: USD 1.5 (Pre-ITS), and USD 2.0 ITS

Concept: eCommerce is a trillion-dollar industry that continues to attract many innocent purchaser, and many rogue vendors that are benefiting by offering substandard products to the consumers. Owing to such unethical business practices, Lafont Innovations LLC has introduced a concept referred to as MILLIODS Ecosystem that will reduce such practices in the eCommerce industry.

MILLIODS Ecosystem concerns the enhancement of the concept of Consumer Protection whereby the Consumer will purchase goods (tangible and intangible), and once the goods are delivered, the Consumer will have the chance to inspect the goods prior to making any payment. Therefore, once the Consumer makes an order, the MILLIODS Ecosystem will automatically provide MID Tokens of equal value to the goods plus 10 percent extra to the wallet of the vendor as a collateral. In doing so, both parties’ interests will be highly protected. If satisfied, the Consumer can use fiat currency to pay the Vendor and have the MID Tokens reverted to the purchaser’s wallet or use the MID Tokens to settle the required payment.

In the event the Consumer is dissatisfied, the Consumer will cause the product to be returned to the Vendor as it was or will be liable to pay for any damages caused or be forced to own the product as a result of the damages.

Our primary goal is to ensure that Vendors’ enhance good business practice by providing quality products or at least those that meet the products described on their online platforms, which in turn will make purchaser’s have confidence on eCommerce.


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