Get a loan using your cryptocurrency as collateral

Do you wish to spend some of your gains but don't wish to sell your cryptocurrencies? With you can get loan in euros or dollars using your cryptocurrencies as collateral.

Here's an example how it works: Alice has Bitcoins and she needs $10.0000) for new car. She could sell her Bitcoins, but she does not want because she believes they will appreciate in future. So Alice decides to take a loan:

1) Alice registers and transfers 2 Bitcoins (˜$13000) to Whaleloan.

2) We store the 2BTC transfer $10.000 to her bank account

3) Alice pays back her $ loan and receives her Bitcoins back!

What benefits Whaleloan provides:

Instant automatic loan processing

Instant euro payment to account

No hidden fees

No tokens needed

Flexible repayments

Several cryptocurrencies supported

Ownership of assets

Asset appreciation benefit

No tax liability

No credit checks

Quick and simple application

Speed: Within hours

We are launching soon and looking for early adopters. If you sign up now, you get a 25% discount to your loan plus a chance to get your loan with 1% interest rate. Please visit and invite your friends too!

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