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Barthor is a decentralized open source cryptocurrency with focus on secure, fast and private blockchain solutions for everybody.
It's a self funded project of a big independent community with a suitable strategy for a fair distribution and successful mass adoption.

No ICO, Barthor will giveaway in advance all 6 million Coins from the genesis block as Token for free.
After the Token is distributed by our bounty programs, all Tokens will be changed into the Barthor Coins. Our blockchain will have a secure and stable network of masternodes and stakers right from the beginning. So our users can send their transactions instantly and privately.

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Earn 3 Barthor Token for every partner you refer!

With our strategy Barthor will be a very price stable Coin that does not fluctuate very much in the price. That is one of the most important features for most of the people!

Barthor will create a large infrastructure for the Barthor Coin by creating several online platforms in the fields of gaming, e-learning, web traffic, online shopping and many more...
We will accept Barthor on all platforms for 3$ per Barthor!!!

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