Motocoin mining by plying a 2D motorbike simulation game !!

Unlike other crypto-currencies, mining motocoins is not a passive process. You will have to play a 2D motorbike simulation game called Motogame, which is inspired by ElastoMania. You control your bike by using the arrow keys and space. Your goal is to hit the coin at the bottom of any map with a wheel or the helmet and to do it in time less than the current target time, which will be adjusted every 2000 blocks to sustain constant block generation speed.

1. Download Motocoin client from here (
2. Run it and wait until the client will finish synchronizing with the network, which may take a while.
3. Go to the Game tab and press Play to mine.
4. Keep pressing F6 until you see a level that you think you can complete under target time.
5. Play the game.
When you hit the coin you will get rewarded with (currently) 5 motocoins. There is some chance that you will not get your reward - this may happen if someone else completes the map at the same moment as you. If you see the map suddenly change while playing, it means someone else has mined the previous block.

We have a mining bot, which you can download from

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