The Digital asset for the digital Age

Share: is a blockchain technology powered network incorporating a digital asset that enables parties on the network to conduct instant, zero cost coin based transactions globally.
The Pecu Novus Network features the Pecu Novus Secure Escrow
System, Smart Contract Enabled, Internal Messaging, Dual Confirmation, Transparent Transactions and more in development for ease of use. In addition the network features a larger and scalable block size which provides virtually instantaneous transaction confirmations, better storage efficiency and functionality for users of the network.
The symbol for Pecu Novus is PECU and the coins are referred to as
PECU (pea-ku).

The Pecu Novus Network was built for business transactions and puts them in control, where transparency, cost effectiveness and security are the standard.

The Pecu Novus Escrow System was developed to protect both the sender and receiver of Pecu
Coins. So as opposed to just sending coins free and clear for a transaction, no matter what the size,
you can send them with a dated release option. So if the coins were being used for a real estate
transaction or an import/export transaction, basically the coins and highlights of the contract would
be inserted into the appropriate slot either "Note" and/or "Private Note" slots in the "Send Coins"
area. That information becomes a permanent part of the blockchain. Once those coins are in escrow
with a specific date then whatever transaction was to take place then takes place according to the
physical or verbal contract. Both parties must validate the transaction for escrow to be released.

As with any store of value, whether it be digital or physical, the possibility of it accruing in value
over time is solidly there. The key word is "VALUE" , Pecu Novus has a circulating supply of 10 million
coins , 10 million coins not in circulation are designated for global commercial transactions and
80 million coins not in circulation are solely designated for the Pecu Asset Fund investment purposes.

As the fund increases in value and usage grows globally so does the viability of the Pecu Novus Network and coins. So like gold, silver, certain stocks or bonds, holding viable digital assets such as PECU have proven to be growth situations. The key with The Pecu Novus Network is its utility and continued growth of the network and coin distribution globally

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