Waves World Marketplace Shopping Spree Contest350 $USD in #Prizes


Waves World Marketplace Shopping Spree Contest
The Waves node and marketplace ecosystem offers a wide range of services, all designed to bring value to the Waves World (WW) token.
Waves World is a diverse rewards based ecosystem built around a major Waves mining pool and a new marketplace, which launched on 23 November and provides official Blockchain themed merchandise and services.
WW token
The grassroots initiative has been running for almost a year now, steadily building a community around its mining pool and Telegram channel, and around the Waves World token that is the native currency of reward for the project. Waves World never held an ICO; instead, WW are distributed along with 100% of WAVES and MRT received for leasing balances to the node — which now has over 1 million WAVES — and as rewards for assistance in social media promotions through a Twitter bot integrated with the Telegram channel. WW are also used in the channel for tipping, and can be spent on the marketplace alongside several other digital currencies. A faucet dispensing small amounts of tokens is intended to serve as an introduction to both Waves and Waves World.
Waves World in figures: 14 December 2018 (30 October)
Those who hold at least 1,000,000 WW automatically become members of the Millionaires Club and will receive daily rewards of 3,500 WW as an introductory rewards distribution.
Marketplace competition
To celebrate the launch of the marketplace, kickstart sales and bring value to WW, Waves World is holding a competition, using Gleam to help promote the platform. Each task completed gives another entry ticket to the competition. Three winning tickets will be chosen from all the entries. The first prize will be 1 million WW, making the recipient an instant Waves World Millionaire Club member! Two runners up will receive 150,000 and 100,000 WW.
Click here > Join the competition! Simply follow our social media channels in contest to earn entries! Prizes will be drawn 01 January, 2019!
Marketplace Services
WW are currently being distributed from a marketing budget, but by June 2019 the project aims to have shifted to a sustainable and profitable approach of paying WW from marketplace revenues. These will be earned in various ways — including the affiliates programme that will pay out income in WW. With a rapidly growing community, there is already increasing demand for the token despite the significant daily payouts.
  • Custom airdrop script
  • Featured merchandise
  • Telegram referral bot
  • VIP merchandise campaign
  • Waves World tip bot campaign.
In the near future it will also be possible to buy services such as content and tailored marketing for crypto projects. A customer service ticketing system has been added to the marketplace, which will enable Waves World to stock merchandise like the Ledger hardware wallet.
Bitlivewire News
Complementing all of these is the BitLiveWire Blockchain news site, which aggregates major crypto news and analysis from a wide range of sources. Waves World will develop this resource more and rebrand it in the coming year to bring it more closely in line with and support their other activities.
2019 will see further features added to the website and ecosystem, with the roadmap listing a voting mechanism based on WW ownership; a Vendors’ programme, Digital downloads as well as new physical products, and various Enterprise solutions. Stay tuned!
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