Start earning 200000+ CYFM tokens daily by listening CyberFM


CyberFM is providing opportunity to earn free CYFM tokens by listening online radio. Company released beta version of application with stacking features and is available for both Android and IOS.
CyberFM is running 60+ online radio channels in 40+ different languages globally.

CyberFM token is already listed on IDEX, IDAX, EtherFlyer, Mercatox, DDEX, FatBTC, LATOKEN and ECEX.EXCHANGE, CoinMarketCap(CMC).

Currently CyberFM is paying 1500 CYFM Tokens per song.

Downloading Cyber FM mobile application:

Steps to setup application for start earning free CYFM Tokens:
1.   You can receive that 1 CYFM free token by sending 0 ETH to contract address “0xae24f4A77f80e1ba13A0891D3231358d9D5EB427” from your personal ETH wallet (MEW, MetaMask etc).
2.   After receiving 1 CYFM download application from Play Store (Android) or App Store (IOS).
3.   Launch application -> Click on Setting -> Click on Put your wallet address -> Enter Wallet Address -> Submit your wallet address.
4.   Once above steps are done, start listening advertisement free radio song and earn free CYFM tokens.

Steps with images:

For more details visit:
Telegram Group:

About CyberFM:
Cyber-FM Radio is a thought leader in providing listeners access to music that is not normally available within the “Mainstream.” Chosen over the years by leading A&R Firms, Recording Studios, and Record Labels, we offer our innovative services directly to listeners at absolutely no charge. Founded on October 11th, 2007 in USA, we have built our reputation in the Music Industry by providing our Listeners with Artists that portray an unmatched talent regularly unavailable until now. CyberFM is running 60+ online radio channels in 40+ different languages. CyberFM has an estimated 33 employees and estimated annual revenue of $6.6M as per

About CyberFM (CYFM) Token:
CyberFM is an ERC20 asset registered on the ETH blockchain used to create this universal payment system that enables royalties to be collected for all performances, at all times, throughout all countries! The tokens will also be used initially to compliment fiat payments for online radio memberships, credits for in-app purchases and registration fees.

This represents a universal, international currency that will compensate all artists and performers across the world! The aforementioned will be compensated regardless of individual membership to their respective Performance Rights Organization. However additional perks, rewards and income will be available when these members fully adopt our system.

The CYFM token represents a “broadcast currency” that will be used inside of the ecosystem for listeners, fans and users. For example, listeners may win CYFM tokens in a radio contest, they may use the tokens to purchase premium memberships for song-skipping, on-demand downloads, commercial free streams and other benefits.

CyberFM is NO -  ICO project as company has sufficient fund for development and marketing of project.

CyberFM did huge community building airdrop is past and details are available at:


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