Howdoo, a blockchain-powered social media platform. Putting you in control


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Howdoo is a decentralised Social Media platform that offers users and content creators control over their own data and content. It’s fair and rewarding. If users allow advertising they get a share of the ad revenue and content creators can get tips and payments directly from fans.

The blockchain means it’s secure, transaction free and trustless. So 100% of tips go to creators immediately with no fee’s. 

Our Fiat to token gateway in the app takes it beyond the crypto market, and will allow content creators to realise the value of their efforts with no delays or fee’s. 

Everything is based around the utility of the token, the uDoo. Passive income, tips, payments, advertising is all performed using the uDoo which is limited in circulation. 

* Users own their own data and decide what and how to share. 
* Users can receive attention based income for allowing passive advertising. 
* Feature rich platform for users and content creators, with PiP video streaming and more.
* Content creators have access to unique and fair monetization models, including tipping with the uDoo which the content creator retains 100%. 
* Built with blockchain for speed and security. 

Howdoo is currently live, onboarding content and community, and will go live to the wider public by mid June, and currently has over 70,000 pre-registrations. 

You can buy uDoo’s on Cointiger ( Idex ( , Exmarkets ( or on HaloDex ( (with BTC, ETH and USDC pairings).

* Read our Orange Paper and watch our overview video - * Pre-sign up for early entry—
* Read and apply for Howdoo blockchain nodes —
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