The Templar Fund | A Transparent Bitcoin Hedge Fund


FOR IMMEDIATE ONLINE RELEASE - Today the Templar Fund, a publicly
transparent Bitcoin Hedge Fund announced that after 272 days of continuous trading,
they have achieved a compounded return on equity of 50.002% for its clients.

Every $100 invested on November 21, 2018 is now worth $150.02.

The Templar Fund is a privately-managed Bitcoin Hedge fund that publishes the
entirety of its trade records for public consumption and audit, as well as comprehensive
fund performance reports every 10 days.

The Templar Fund welcomes clients from any jurisdiction, as it is not subject to FATCA
or reporting requirements. To protect their anonymity & account security, clients only
need to provide an e-mail address to create an account.

For more information and to download the comprehensive report of the trade cycle
detailed in this release, visit:


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    1. I finally found an account manager about which for the first time in 5 years I will write a positive review. sure traders Group company really showed its good side. This is both reliability in the execution of orders, and professional consultants who will always come to the rescue if force majeure suddenly happened on the market, I have no complaints about the trading platform, it works perfectly and does not freeze. With the depositing and withdrawal of funds in general there are no problems, everything comes on time. And of course, webinars which are conducted very often, for beginner traders and if you want to recorver your lost funds - I recommend, although for those with experience too. In general, for four months I have no complaints about the company. you can whatsapp them on +263787350597 Email.... [].