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Well in this post, I’m going to show you how to Binance Deposit and Withdraw from and to your margin wallet on the Binance exchange.

Now. I’m going to go over the series assuming that you know the basics of margin trading. And for those of you who do not know how to open your margin account on the Binance exchange, I will share another post.

Now once again this is assuming that you at least know the bare-bones basics of margin trading.

Binance Margin Trading Guide

So let’s get on with it. Now, as soon as you log on to your Binance account you’re going to be presented with your dashboard.
And well what’s the action that we want to perform here. We want to deposit margin into our margin trading account. So, I immediately intuitively I just kind of just pan on over to my wallet in which I am presented with my balance.

The Exchange & Margin Wallet
The exchange wallet is one wallet. And the margin wallet is another wallet. There are two different wallets and they’re independent of each other. Now, if you go onto the exchange wallet which is your main wallet, everything in this wallet is what is yours.

Binance Deposit and Withdraw
So what is the next action that we want to perform? We want to deposit some margin into our margin wallet.
You first essentially have to put it into your main wallet, your exchange wallet what is in this wallet is everything that’s yours. And the way you do that is well going on to your exchange wallet and say you want to deposit a bit of BTC.

You essentially send your bitcoins at this address. This is super basic stuff. So you essentially send your bitcoins at this address. Now when it gets to this address. It does not mean that it automatically gets into your margin.

Transfer Money on Binance

So the three actions that I can perform on my margin wallet is transfer, borrow slash repay and trade.
I want to transfer. So the only thing that is presented to me over here is from the exchange wallet to the Margin wallet and vice versa.
So for the sake of this example, I want to do it from the exchange wallet to the margin wallet. That’s the only option I have. So I have bitcoin in my exchange wallet so I have bitcoin selected.
This is a drop-down menu so if you hit the drop-down menu you’ll be presented with well a series of cryptocurrencies that Binance does the exchange as margin. If you want to put up another cryptocurrency as collateral you are able to do so.

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