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Dfinex:  Decentralised financial exchange is a cryptocurrency ratings agency and marketing company where crypto investors can learn about, invest and save money on cryptocurrency within the platform.

The project exists to promote decentralised financial technology (DeFi tech). For investors, we help to save money and make informed investment decisions. For cryptocurrency projects we provide exposure and increased trust ratings. Both investors and projects benefit from our due diligence checks.


There are many sources of information available for cryptocurrency investors. In 2018 as many as 80% of ICOs turned out to be scams or bad investments. The Weiss ratings are reliable source of information, but they are not covering the entire crypto investment market.

There have been reports about bad practices by ICO bench and other crypto ratings site , including but not limited to, false ratings, corruption, unverified panel, reports of s 5 star review for $500, and potentially endorsing scams

This type of practice makes it difficult for investors to make real informed choices. There are many ways for a crypto investor to loose money. The most common mistake is to buy bitcoin using the CoinBase app, and there are a lot of bad investments on the market.


Dfinex solves these problems because our ratings are impartial and unbiased. We charge clients a flat fee for a rating. The ratings are performed using scientific methodology. Projects are scored on 5 categories by a panel of 7 economists. The panel cannot accept money from ICO companies for an increased rating.

The strength of our ratings depends on the knowledge, skills and size of the panel. As a minimum requirement, our panel of crypto economists must have a bachelors degree in economics, social sciences, cryptogrpahy, finance or computer programming, and have been investing in or researching cryptocurrency for at least 3 years.

For ICO investors, getting a rating from the panel  before making a large investment into an ICO can be part of a standard due diligence check. It can potentially save investors from weak investments or scam projects. It is much safer to invest in a project which has been evaluated by a panel of experts.

Value to investors and users

Dfinex creates value for investors by providing due diligence, information and money saving promotions

Value to projects

Value is created for projects by providing verification, increased trust ratings and market exposure.

Road Map

In 2019 Dfinex will introduce truly decentralised trading on our platform. Our research agenda is decentralised exchange mechanisms and application of economic game theory to business structuring and operations.

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