Ever heard about it? Probably not, because it doesn’t exist yet. Within a month though the brand new team of FGC (Fantasy Gold Coin) is planning to have it up and running on their servers. Which would make them the first project that started their own exchange to be able to trade their own coin. (Usually it’s the other way around)

“Last year was a very dark year for the project, due to both main exchanges going under within a few months of each other” referring to last years Cryptopia hack and its demise 4 months later. A few months after that though their other center of trade disappeared as well: Coinexchange decided by itself to stop all trading and dissolve, leaving FGC without an exchange to be traded on, along with many other projects.

Now, with the launch of their own private exchange approaching rapidly, the FGC team might have found the perfect solution for a problem many crypto-projects encounter: Choosing the right exchange to be traded on and getting listed. Apart from all the hassle to get a project listed on a reasonably decent exchange, in most cases this also requires a good deal of money. With usually little to no guarantees at all in matters of staying listed there.

“Outside listings are still valuable to diverge trading over multiple platforms, however having your own exchange as a backbone sure gives a lot of guarantees for both the coin and its users. Assuring possibility to buy and sell a coin at all time and not being completely dependent on third parties in this area”

“We will start out with a very basic, very simple rollout, just featuring one trading pair: FGC/BTC” Basically meaning the FGC team is just starting one single orderbook for their own project coin. This dramatically limits the amount of resources needed to start and sustain this idea and will keep the FantasyGold Exchange up and running at minimal costs. “Along the way, we are definitely open to more trading pairs, but let’s start up first. No-one ever suffered from starting small” Ain’t that the truth! We are positively excited about this fresh team and their fresh ideas and will keep following them closely.

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