How to Start Margin Trading on BitMex and Tips


Recently, more and more people are making money by margin trading on BitMex. Probably, that's why we are continually asking questions about the BitMex margin trading.
You, who are reading this article, must be interested in BitMex margin a little or a lot.
So today I'm going to give you useful tips on how to make money from margin trading on BitMex before starting it.

If you want to know how to start it and have tips, I recommend you to read this article until the end.

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The trading on BitMex, which makes a profit by holding a short-position / long-position by predicting the upward or downward trend of bitcoin, is up to 100 times higher.
Leverage is available, so you can trade up to 100 times the amount you hold.
It said that it has a merit that can generate up to 100 times the profit even if it invests a small amount of money, which is highly profitable, so it is not difficult to make a lot of money if you predict the direction.

However, the company has to take risks as it has a high yield, but it has to take risks that could be 100% liquidated if its predictions are wrong.
If you're a beginner, you can use low-level leverage to invest carefully.
Let's not be greedy. Then, we can reduce risks.
I also suffered a lot of losses in the beginning due to my greed, but now I manage it and consistently make big profits every day.
Keep in mind again and again, that investment is essential to keep safe.

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How to start a margin trading on BitMex? 

It is risky, but you can generate large profits. It is very simple, and anyone can start it. 
Transactions are available 24 hours a day and can be invested at any time. To trade, you need a BitMex membership. I'll keep a link below where you can get a six-month commission discount, as you need to access Chrome browser to sign up and make a deal. I think any wise investor would be well aware of the importance of fees. Fees often cause unnecessary damage.

The link above allows you to receive commission benefits for six months.
After accessing the website, you can click Subscribe, and then, you can put personal information such as your email address, password and your name. Then, you can agree to the terms and conditions of the service, after that the subscription will be completed.
One important thing is that you must sign-up by email in your real name. You will receive an email from BitMex to check you are a real person. After receiving the email, you must check the BitMex registration confirmation.(Check your spam mail when you don't get it)

let's click to the link now and start signing up!

When membership is completed, you are halfway to be rich.
Now, you can transfer money and start trading. The transaction is only possible between bitcoin and other coin exchanges such as Upbit and Bithumb. You can copy the address and paste to avoid any mistake. The deposit transfer is usually completed by waiting about 10 minutes, and when the deposit is completed, you can begin the trading. If you send another coin rather than Bitcoin or if the deposit address is incorrect, please be careful. you can't get it back.

You can earn money only when you start a deal. Let's find out how to make a deal.
If you look to the left of the site, you can see short-position and long-position. Leverage drainage adjustment and quantity designation can also be selected. If you understand this part well, it won't be difficult to make a deal, so please carefully understand and dealing it.
Short-position is also called a shot, and you can enter when Bit prices are expected to fall in the future.

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Long-position also called Long, and you can enter if bit prices are forecast to rise in the future.
Isn't it not that difficult to understand just the words that are unfamiliar?
The designated price is an entry price that aims to enter when the coin price reaches a certain price, and even if the designation is not a forecast transaction, it is possible to add quantity on the market price tab.

In the market, you will pay a transaction fee, so please remember it.
The quantity should be entered by the leverage scale that I specify, but you can put it in like [Actual transaction coin x Margin scale]. As I said earlier, setting leverage not too high is a way to reduce risk.

Bitcoin should always be careful about hacking as you can be a target from hackers, yet BitMex has a very good security system to prevent hacking. I personally like the fact that we can trade safely using Google OTP.

The Google OTP method is simple.
If you download Google OTP from the App Store and access the app, you can scan the bar code.

Click the category, [Account] at the top of the BitMex site, and you can scan the QR code that appears.

BitMex margin trading can generate profits not only in the uptrend but also in the downtrend. It is not difficult to make money if you are good at grasping trends.
Perhaps thanks to its ability to maximize profits, the number of members seeking to participate in margin trading continues to grow. From now on, I hope you don't just listen to other people making money, now it is your turn to earn money.

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I think it would have helped some before the start of  margin trading on BitMex.
The biggest benefit you can get here is the commission discount, which is a very big benefit for six months, so I hope you get the benefit and participate in the investment.

The story of a young man who earned 30 billion ($) with 80,000($) through a BitMex margin transaction recently made headlines. However it is not so much surprising for me because I knew it is possible enough.

Anyone can become rich with a small amount of money if leverage is used well.
You can't tie up big money on a bank because of bank interest, which is not a good idea to earn a lot of money. Everyone knows this simple fact.

Now that you are interested in margin trading, it is safe to think that you can take a step closer to a path to the rich world.

Then let's click to the link now and start signing up!


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