When Will the Gyms Reopen, and what Changes can we Expect due to the Covid-19 Threat


As the country begins to emerge from the isolation, when will gyms reopen? What obstacles do Health Clubs face to keep their members safe due to the Covid-19 threat?

During President Donald Trump’s Briefing On re-opening the Country, a Glimmer of hope shined down on the Gym Head community!

Dr. Deborah Birx, the coronavirus response coordinator for the White House, said that Health Clubs and Gyms could be some of the first businesses to reopen in what is called, Phase 1 of the process.

This is great news for our Health Clubs and fellow Gym-goers, however with everything that has happened, we can expect a great deal of procedural changes.

One of the first indications of change came when the Government stated that, under federal guidelines, gyms would be allowed to re-open if they are able to implement strict social distancing protocols.

Due to continued social distancing, one of the first changes we may see are occupancy limitations to our heath clubs, as well as many other businesses reopening in Phase 1.

Limiting the amount of people in a certain area will help ensure the possibility of social distancing at the gym, however it may also upset paying gym members who are unable to enter due to limitations.

It’s a tough decision, but our gyms must do what is best for the fitness community, while also following all the regulations the Government may lay down, in order to reopen for our use.

Luckily, a majority of the gyms around the Nation started preparing for these measures prior to the gym closures, in hopes of continued availability before the mandatory shutdown.

Some gyms offered extra cleaning supplies to members, and increased staff for special cleaning projects.

One of California’s Top Fitness Centers, In-shape Health Clubs, did an amazing Job Prior to Closing their doors. Staff were Present Activly Cleaning machines.

Individual sanitation spray bottles and towels were available upon entering to every member. They also put all active accounts on hold immediately upon being shut down.

Taking these extra steps, and going the extra mile reassured us that our gym cares about our safety and are doing everything possible to keep the gym clean for our workouts.

Mandatory mask wearing policies, especially for larger gym chains, and possible temperature checks could be implemented before entering the health club.

Group classes may be limited or canceled due to social distancing, or broken up into multiple smaller workout sessions, and due to occupancy constraints, saunas and spas may be limited and/or closed all together.

Ditch the workout buddies and personal trainers, and forget about those locker room social chats with other members. Pop In the headphones and get in your 6 foot radius zone.

Whatever the outcome may be, it’s important that we look out for ourselves, and each other
as we transition into this new post Covid-19 lockdown way of life.

The key is practicing social distancing and personal hygiene to ensure that we are doing our part to support our local health clubs.

It’s going to be different for everyone, and although we want to get back to our regular routines, we must consider the fragile position our Clubs will face.

Stay positive Fitfam, and let’s get it done as smoothly as possible! Everyone has been crushing it with their home workouts and keeping everyone motivated.

We’re confident the fitness community will grow from this and come out stronger and more unified then ever! We grow through our experiences and surpassing our goals, so we see this as another obstacle that will take us beyond the next level!

Until next time P1 Nation!

P.S Guys, I hope you found my beginner ab Workout Helpful! Thank you for supporting the Phase 1 team.

We plan on helping as many people get in shape as possible, and we offer our Clothing to help support that dream!

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Lets Get active and lead by example P1 Nation! The percentage of Humans on this Planet getting Active everyday is Dangerously low, and we’re here to change that!


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