We are entering a new age with no paper payment instruments, a world without old credit cards. Cryptocurrencies help achieve this paperless economy; unfortunately most are complicated and not practical in their implementation. Here is a coin that will help you leave the house in the morning and walk into any shop and be able to carry out your transactions seamlessly.  You're probably not convinced so come with me as I break down what the coin really is about. We present to you a new payment system and not a clone of the old systems.

1. What is the Ioox coin?

The Ioox coin is a digital coin like any other, think of Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin. This coin is the product of an ongoing project by a young team with a clear vision to incorporate cryptocurrencies in our everyday lives. The team pushes secure and verifiable transactions, unlike most other cryptocurrencies that do not encourage transparency. Our goal as a team is to enable immediate payments that can be transferred to any cryptographic wallets. Ioox caters for the everyday life of everyone, bearing in mind that each person approaches technology differently.

2. What does the Ioox coin do?

The Ioox coin is unique because it is the first cryptocurrency with wearable payment devices, which include Ioox rings and chest readers. The main aim is to achieve mass adoption of the coin because it will be adopted into our everyday activities such as payment for coffee, beer, sandwich or even laundry. The coin is suitable for most people since most of us carry out transactions of less than 10 dollars a day. It will replace micro-transactions with cash or credit cards that we all carry out daily. Transactions via wearables are b40% faster, and within a few years, they will completely replace credit or debit card transactions.
In addition to conducting payments, you can do the following with your payment devices.
Store your necessary information such as your blood type, allergies, residence, steps taken per day and your life expectancy.

Set a daily budget through remote setting.
Set daily payment limits
Track monthly expenses

3. How do you benefit from the coin?
The investors benefit differently from users. Some of the benefits that investors enjoy include the following
a) Increased in the value of the currency proportional to the number of use
b) Solve the technological support ring or bracelet with the Ioox brand.

Some of the benefits that users will enjoy include:
a) High transaction speed
b) Transparency 
c) Reliability 
d) Security 
e) Financial freedom 

4. Ioox recipients, exchanges and wallets

a) Coin recipients 
The pie chart below represents all the coin recipients so far 

b) Exchanges 
The coin is actively trading in the following decentralized exchanges 

c) Wallets 

You can send and receive Ioox using the following wallets 
Trust wallet
MEW connect 

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