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Cryptocurrency trading has become quite mainstream in the last couple of years, especially after the Bitcoin hype created towards the end of 2017. However, as the industry is growing exponentially, we need automation at every point and this is where CRYPTUOSO comes into place.
Basically, with the help of our robots, you can conduct trading more efficiently as it makes you less prone to making mistakes.

Our Features
Conventionally, traders surf through different forums, trading engines, and several news websites to understand the trends, predict a future event and then make an investment. However, since there are several variables involved in every step, the final decision could turn out to be a catastrophe for a manual trader. 

The following section explores our features in this regard, enabling you to avoid a trading mishap!

Quicker Response
Unlike humans, robots can process huge amounts of data instantly. Moreover, since they are certain about the data and mathematical models underlying their predictions and trends, they respond to market changes more quickly.
For instance, if the price of BTC starts declining at a particular time in the year, you would spend hours or at least a day understanding the whole picture before investing. But our robots will start investing on your behalf as soon as the market fluctuates and a trend is detected.

Auto Trading
Our solution is all about automation! Therefore, you just have to attach an exchange account, so CRYPTUOSO can deposit funds while taking away the complexity from your end. All you have to do is monitor the performance of your portfolio. 
Please note that currently we only support Binance, Kraken and Bitfinex.

Secure & Simple
We provide a secure API through which your exchange accounts are connected with our robots. Therefore, we cannot access your funds or manage your account. It is also worth noticing that the API integration process is carried out via an interface so you do not have to be a tech-savvy person to use our platform.

Trading App
This is the hub of our operations where the end-user (aka trader) can avail all features and it allows 3 primary advantages, allowing you to:
1.Combine all of your robots to work as a single unit, thus enhancing and strengthening your overall portfolio
2.Configure your robots to work on short term and long term intervals
3.View and inspect the statistics of our robots with accumulative data going back to 2017-2018

Telegram Bot
Over the years, Telegram has turned out to be the hub of the crypto trading community. Therefore, we have also introduced our Telegram Bot, enabling you to manage subscriptions and receive trading signals directly from our robots.

It is pretty evident that our solution elevates trading efficiency in the industry and makes it easy to integrate the robots with your current exchange account. It is also worth noticing that at this moment, we have only facilitated a couple of exchanges that are most widely used and hold significant security standards. These steps are taken to guarantee the privacy security of your assets; however, we plan to facilitate several platforms in the future.

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