Airdrop: Perform the tasks below to receive up to 10 RCHV [~$10] and 5 RCHV [~$5] per each referral.

Covid-19 make many people lost their job and bankrut . We have Vision make people protect , recover and leverage asset with Blokchain technology. Blokchain secure, trasparan and Rich Virus will make people easy to make money from home.

💲 Perform the tasks below to receive up to 10 RCHV [~$10] and 5 RCHV [~$5] per each referral.
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Rich virus enhances leverage which is all about allowing users to borrow large sums than their minimum margin investments. In this current COVID-19 situation, market prices have been profoundly fluctuating. In this scenario, there is no better solution than a crypto leverage exchange, as your minimum investment is less, but the profits are higher, and with its exclusive options, risk-management strategies rightly used, you can conduct a risk-free, hassle-free business. The demand and urge for cryptocurrency leverage is highly booming, and if you want to get rich, there is no better time than now. So, make use of this favourable opportunity i.e. Rich virus tokens, soonest and boost benefits and profits for your business.

Token Information:
RCHV Token is an Ethereum based token. You can search her out on etherscan with contract address:

Airdrop and Bounty:
First, you can create account join our bounty program and join our Telegram channel and group for news. For our bounty program, you can endorse us via group, forum, or youtube if you have a big following and for a good feedback, we will give you 50RCHV up to 300RCHV. Please contact us at

Signup and referral bonus:
Earning RCHV token is very easy. The Rich virus network has planned to give a lot of free bonus periodically and when you sign up with this platform. The token holders can benefit with these free tokens. The benefits do not stop with this. Rich virus also makes the availability of referral bonus scheme. WHen someone joins the network with your affiliate link, you will be getting a bonus worth $5