Fiscus: A lending aggregator provides stable yields, more pools, tokens ETH based blockchain agnostic

Share: is a lending aggregator that provides stable yields, more pools, tokens and ultimately better rates but also addresses the fact that all current lending aggregators are ETH based as it aims to be blockchain agnostic. A unique two-token system operates the 100% community-owned platform.

How it works:

When you stake your DAI, ETH, USDC, USDT and TUSD on for example, will find the lending pool with the best rates and send the tokens to be staked. Upon cancellation, will sell the rewards from the lending pool on Uniswap for uFFYI and burn it. New yields are issued in uFFYI and can be sold on Uniswap. All pools hosted by will get equitable shares in uFFYI, which makes for more stable yields in pools.

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