Introducing YF Dice (YFD) Yield Finance Dice


 Dear Community we are happy to announce YF Dice (YFD) ERC-20 Token for the native assets of the Yield Finance Dice.

The World Awesome ERC-20 Token called YF Dice (YFD) Yield Finance Dice is a new Crypto Token developed through from Ethereum blockchain to activate of Crypto Dice Trading Game Website, Android app, and Windows software with license code in our first project.
This is our Token spesification :
Technology : ERC-20 Ethereum Token
Token’s Name : YF Dice
Token’s Symbol : YFD

Smart Contract : 0x26205d189cbf0b4d0e1d4ecce3307abc75b49196

Token’s Decimal Places : 18
Total Token Max Supply : 1000000 YFD
Gas Limit : 1000000
Gas Price : 0.00000015 Ether (150 Gwei)

YFD Token will have a max supply of 1,000,000 tokens out of which 300,000 tokens ( 30% of total supply ) has been allocated for presale, So First Supply only 300,000 YFD Token

YFD Contract Address :
Initial Circulating Supply: 300,000 YFD

Token Allocation Plan :
30% For Pool = 300,000 YFD
30% Token Sale = 300,000 YFD
30% Development = 300,000 YFD
7% Team and Advisor = 70,000 YFD (Locked for 1 Years)
3% Bounty Program = 30,000 YFD

Please Note : Presale has not started yet and will be announced on official channels soon

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